McIntosh Labs

Since 1949, McIntosh Laboratory has represented the highest quality in sound and continues to set the standard in fine audio and home theater systems. McIntosh compoents are hand-crafted in New York City by an expert team of professionals. Their furious dedication to design integrity and innovation has resulted in more than 35 patents for McIntosh Laboratory.

McIntosh instruments are designed for life-long use, with minimal maintenance and the absolute highest-quality performance. It’s no wonder that since 1949, satisfied customers the world over view their McIntosh products as investments worthy of being passed down through generations.

Sonus Faber

Sonus Faber was founded in 1980 by a group of passionate audiophiles who chose to dedicate themselves to the design and production of a speaker system of superior quality. Franco Serblin, the originator of Sonus Faber was commissioned to handcraft a set of loudspeakers for a museum to demonstrate the sound of various famous violins and violas. The project was a massive success both for the museum and its patrons. The Sonus Faber line was born shortly thereafter in 1983.

The new project confirms and modernizes another strong Sonus faber idea, of which the first Guarneri speaker was the earliest example: an acoustic instrument living in its environment becomes part of it, carrying out the functions of both a music source as well as being a beautiful piece of furniture.

The design choices, the finishes of the new materials, the increased quality of the craftsmanship and the extreme attention paid to every detail are, just like the sound produced, the enhanced expression of this concept and the most concrete testimony that our everlasting values are not only deeply-rooted in the present, but also strengthened thanks to an Evolution process. Guarneri Evolution expresses the renewal of continuity. An evolution made possible thanks to the combination of patented technical solutions that were developed through experience that brought us to the production of our flagship (the Sonus faber).