Psychological Benefits of Home Automation

Fight Anxiety & Depression with Home Automation
Smart home automation systems offer unlimited possibilities of controlling devices in your residence, including door and garage locks, air conditioning and heating units and small appliances, with innovative features that every tech obsessed person needs to have. Best of all, systems are completely customizable and can be controlled from anywhere at any time from the convenience of a smartphone or web enabled device. While the sense of serenity that inherently goes along with advanced safety and security are among the primary reasons people commonly opt for home automation, these systems can also actually help lessen anxiety disorders and depression, and even help save you money on your energy bills.

Read on to discover the advantages of home automation systems and how they are capable of instilling a greater sense of security as well as benefit your mental health.

Safety & Peace of Mind
Going away on vacation? Fretting over the safety of your home, possessions and even pets is a sure fire way to spoil a relaxing time. Home automation systems allow you to protect your home and the valuables inside by logging into your video surveillance system to ensure that everything looks as you left it. But video cameras are just one aspect of this 007 technology!

Using a conventional timer system that turns lights on and off at a set time every day can easily be monitored by thieves, tipping them off when a family is away or on vacation. With a smart automation system, you can control lighting from a remote location or create custom settings that mimic regular random use and keep the bad guys guessing. Now, you don’t have to worry that something is going to happen while you’re away – you can monitor everything wherever you go. And you’ll even get alerts if unauthorized activity is detected or your home alarm goes off.

Financial Anxiety
While many Americans suffer from anxiety of a clinical nature, a majority of us experience stress and have concerns over personal finances. In fact a 2016 study conducted by Gallup confirms more than half of us are worried about not being able to maintain our current standard of living, while 64 percent fear not having enough money for retirement. Thankfully, modern home automation provides a solution that directly addresses many common factors that drive up utility bills and cost of living expenses. It allows you to control the temperature of your home, water your garden (or turn off the sprinklers if it’s raining), lower or turn off the water heater and monitor the air conditioning or heating units – all from the convenience of an easy to use electronic device. If you’re going to be home much later than planned, you’re not wasting electricity and water while you’re out, which is better for your wallet as well as the environment.

Seasonal Affective Disorder & Depression
One very cool aspect of home automation systems is that you can set your lights on dimmers so they gradually get brighter as the sun goes down or as the seasons change and there are less hours of daylight. For those with Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD, a type of depression that occurs during the fall or winter) or depression, psychiatrists and physicians may recommend light therapy (exposure to artificial light) to their patients. This type of subtle treatment is well documented to help ease the symptoms of SAD or depression caused by lack of sunlight, which positively affects brain chemicals linked to sleep and mood. Andrew Weil, M.D., is a world-renowned doctor and author who recommends this bright light treatment for his patients whose symptoms are so severe that it negatively impacts their daily lives. Having a home automation system that controls your lights is one way to help lessen the symptoms of SAD and depression.

Elderly Care & Disabilities
Let’s face it, as our relatives grow older, we’re the ones responsible for their care. And when you don’t have the available time or resources to check in with them in person every day, a home automation system makes it possible to simply look to your device for answers and rest easy knowing that they’re OK.

For many older adults or those with disabilities, it’s often more comfortable to stay in their own home with familiar surroundings. Home automation systems are a great option for them – or their caregivers – to manage the technology in their home so they can remain independent and safe. These smart homes can also help avoid costly health care facilities by allowing someone else to be in control, providing safety for the occupant, helping to maintain a sense of independence and preventing any anxiety they may result from living alone. They can even be configured with emergency assistance systems and features that will alert police or family members if something happens at the home such as a fall, or send an alert if an appliance is left on too long. It gives the individual a sense of security knowing that if anything happens, help will immediately be on the way.

Modern technology is a wonderful thing when it truly enhances quality of life and addresses the most common challenges of home management. A smart automation system is a powerful tool for delivering improved safety and economy with numerous features capable of benefiting your psychological health.