Automated Conference Room / Board Rooms


Completely Automated Conference Rooms and Board Rooms

Today’s conference rooms and boardrooms should include the latest technology, and design, to give businesses an edge when it comes to communication and strategy. Mattera Design Inc. helps companies create that perfect, fully automated and innovative space to effectively share information and increase productivity.

Mattera Design Inc. designs and builds custom solutions for completely automated conference rooms and boardrooms. We plan and install audio-video and high-tech systems seamlessly and incorporate that most current audio-video technology, large electronic smart boards, audio-video web conferencing systems, teleconferencing systems, and much more. Mattera Design Inc. utilizes the best technology tools, and smart design features, to streamline the team-building process within a conference room or boardroom. We provide complete design and installation of audio-video systems that inspire and encourage collaboration even with off-site facilities, and scale to fit the needs of growing companies.

21st-Century Technology

Mattera Design Inc. has more than 15 years of experience creating conference rooms that are fully functional to meet the needs of a variety of businesses. We have grown with the times and adapted to the changing needs of a vast range of businesses. We realize that today’s companies desire high-tech features with low maintenance. Mattera Design Inc. utilizes 21st-century technology, and innovative designs, to build the ideal tech solution for forward-thinking companies who want state-of-the-art capabilities when it comes to communication and productivity.

Mattera Design Inc. sets up clients with audio-video equipment, lights, thermostats, drapes, screens, and other conference room features that are fully automated and able to be controlled remotely. Our customers benefit fromkeypads, remotes, and touch-panel devices that allow them to control thetechnology in their conference rooms as it best suits their unique situations. Holding meetings and running training sessions are simply and effectively done with Mattera Design Inc.’s designs for conferencing, teleconferencing, and in-house presentations. Mattera Design Inc. is able to offer wired or wireless solutions for single-room or multi-room conference configurations.