Home Control Systems

Home Control Systems

Modular Systems Customized for Partial or Whole Home Control

Mattera Design Inc. creates customized Smart Home Control Systems for residences and offices. We design and install complete sub-system control solutions for single-family homes, apartments, condominiums, high-rise units, businesses, and multi-family residences.

Smart Home control systems give residences easy and attractive solutions for controlling lighting, sound, video, security systems, window coverings, spa and pool heating, in-home climate control, and more. They offer businesses the same simple and seamless control and design, with possibilities to manage all company systems from one touchpad or remote. Customized modular Smart Home System designs are made to fit in with any home or office décor. They can be planned to a client’s specific aesthetic taste and they can be implemented to work within physical constraints of a home or office.

Modular Smart Home System designs are meant to be as expandable and scalable as an individual or business requires. They are engineered to allow for upgrades in the future and to make lifestyle changes a breeze. Complete control of your home or office is possible through iOS and Android mobile devices.

Brands and Compatibility

With your Mattera Design Inc. Smart Home Control System, you are able to operate all of your sub-systems in your home from a single touchpad or device. Choose to manipulate your systems via an in-wall panel, mobile phone, or tablet. We offer seamless integration of sub-systems control through fine products from Creston, URC/ Universal Remote Control, and RTI.

Multiple Options

Mattera Design Inc. designs Smart Home Control Systems that can be configured in a single room, entire home, or complete office setup. We are able to offer clients the ability to custom-program their home or office systems and multi-task, which means custom control of various systems at once.

Home Control Solutions

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For small apartment owners and renters, wireless automation systems are the perfect solution. There’s no need to install new wiring or make any modifications to your apartment.


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