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The Home Automation Hub: The Brains of your Home Control System

Millions of households in New York City and across the country are making the move to modern home automation systems. The idea of being able to manage your entire home from audio/video and lighting to the thermostat and security from a single, dedicated remote control is clearly desirable for myriad reasons. However, if you’re interested in a complete home automation system for your house, condo or apartment, it’s important to understand exactly what’s at work behind the scenes to put all that power at your fingertips.
Home Automation Hubs

Inside Automated Home Systems

From the user perspective, automated home systems include a series of integrated electronic components that can be turned off and on, programmed, preset, monitored and adjusted from a single remote control, smartphone, touch screen panel or dedicated key pad. While it’s true these types of devices are the practical way you manage your home automation system, the actual controller is in fact the automation hub, a sophisticated electronic control processor that’s installed in your home in an out of the way place such as in a closet or behind a wall by a professional service provider.

The smart home automation hub, or the controller, is then connected to various electronic components throughout your home, providing the processing power, memory and host of other advanced features to deliver the impressive performance you’re looking for. Systems in some cases, such as if you have a smaller unit or are renting or leasing, can be set up wirelessly. However for larger, more complex designs, the hub is wired within your home and then is easily controllable from a wireless device or user interface.

Home Automation Hubs Vs Single Use Apps

The rush to experience home automation has led many to try out single use apps that connect to individual components such as your lights, thermostat or front door lock. While these types of do-it-yourself solutions will give you a taste of what it’s like to have the power to control your home at your fingertips, they also tend to leave large gaps in the user experience due of their limitations. In many ways you are just scratching the surface of what’s actually possible with a professionally installed home automation hub.

With single use apps, you are only able to take basic control of one component at a time and can only control it from a lone device (in most cases your smartphone). You have to continually open and close different apps to connect to the various components—sort of like having a pile of remote controls on your coffee table with each one serving a different function. With a whole-home automation system, you enjoy total integrations of all your components for more precise control, reliability and greater personalization. Plus, you have the choice of multiple modes of control including wall-mounted keypads, touch panels, hand-held remote controls and wireless devices.

Reliable Home Automation Solutions

Simply put, the automation hub is the “brain” of your system, and it’s connected to all the things you want to control. Like human brains, not all automation hubs have the same power, capabilities or capacities. At Mattera Design Inc. we understand the need to provide home automation systems that not only have a strong brain (i.e. a powerful and reliable automation hub), but also to ensure it’s wired correctly and configured to the right matched components for a seamless, trouble-free user experience.

Why Mattera Design?

We are a fully licensed and insured complete home automation system installer in NYC focused on providing cutting edge solutions at a cost-effective price. We only use quality components including RTI control processor home automation hubs and offer a range of options to suit your requirements and fit your budget. So if you’ve been searching for wireless remote control of smart home automation, whole house audio and video and so much more, we’re fully equipped to meet your needs.

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