Wireless Home Automation

Wireless Automation

Wireless Home Automation Systems

When installing a wired automation controller or hub in your home isn’t possible, wireless home automation is the next best thing.

Like cell phones, the Internet and computers, smart home technology delivers big improvements in lifestyle convenience. Being able to manage an entire home from entertainment systems and lighting to shades, climate control and security from a single device has already won over millions of households. But how can you experience the benefits of true “home automation” if you don’t own the residence you’re living in or the timing isn’t right for installing a whole-home system?
RTI Remote Control

For a single room or apartment solution, you can avoid the installation of wiring that’s typically required for an entire home or townhouse by choosing a wireless home automation system. It’s a great way to take advantage of some of the amazing modern home management technology that has hit the market in recent years, especially if you’re renting or in a temporary situation.

Whether wiring your home isn’t currently an option or you’re searching for a cost-effective way to get the stand-alone home theater or hi-fi listening room you’ve always wanted, we’ll help design, install and configure a solution that fits your specific needs.

The Experts in Wireless Home Automation

Wireless is often times the best way to go, but only if you do it right. The experts at Mattera will guide you through the process of setting up a home automation system that’s as simple to use as it is impressive. From choosing the right components to setting up a fully integrated system, we provide all the benefits of true smart home automation controllable from a single wireless device.

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