The “Key” to Modern Home Convenience: The Kevo Smart Lock

For anyone tuned into finding the newest tech gadgets or simple yearning for the day they can finally free themselves of a physical door key, the latest iteration of Kevo offers a smart solution for an age-old problem. This innovative and attractive Bluetooth controlled keyless entry lock not only eliminates the need for carrying around those jagged, uncomfortable hunks of metal human beings have sadly been bound to for centuries by instantly turning your smartphone into a wireless entry system. It also simultaneously answers the call for a system that make it possible to confirm your door is securely locked from virtually anywhere at any time, while also giving you the power to grant controlled access to anyone you wish without having be at home or arrange in advance for a key exchange.

The Kevo mobile application is currently available on Apple iOS and select Android 5.0 devices, and an alternative key fob entry system means anyone can use it no matter what type of device they’re currently on.

Five Reasons to Try Kevo

Aside from the obvious…no more fumbling around for keys outside your front door, there are a few additional reasons to consider investing in this first-to-market Bluetooth smart lock system:

1. Easy Installation & Use – Typical installation is less than half an hour. It has an ultra convenient auto unlock feature, is fast reacting and easy to control with a mobile app.

2. It’s Easier for Guests – Whether you rent out your home from time to time or own an income property, or you just have a lot of guests or workers dropping by the house, Kevo removes the need for a physical hand-off and mitigates the risk your keys will be lost, copied or fall into the wrong hands. Just send an eKey anytime to anyone, anywhere, track its use, reassign to the next user or set to expire based on your specific needs.

3. Emergency Access – Imagine leaving an extra key with your neighbor so they can feed and walk your dogs while you’re out of town or traveling, only to get a call on your first night away letting you know that something has gone wrong. Kevo technology makes it possible to rectify the problem in a matter of moments by electronically granting entry access, thus gracefully side-stepping having to deal with the frustration of figuring out what to do, dealing with an expensive emergency locksmith or even worse having to catch the next available transport home.

4. Lighten Your Load – Digging through your pockets or bag to find your keys every time you go in and out of your house seems so old fashioned when you witness this smart alternative. And let’s face it, skinny jeans are flat-out more comfortable and look better without having to stuff a bulky metal key in the front pocket.

5. Peace of Mind – If you’re someone who can’t help worrying if you’ve locked the door to your home, Kevo can put your mind at ease whether you’re at work, in the car or lying comfortably in bed. Not only does it allow you to instantly assign access to our home to anyone with compatible smartphone technology, but it also provides the ability to monitor use in real time and remotely secure doors in the event they’ve been left unlocked.

and of course… Smart Home Integration – Being able to open your door by touching the lock with your finger rather than using a key is smart. The ability to integrate your keyless entry system with a Nest Learning Thermostat for the power to adjust your heating and cooling system manually and access customized user settings with a single click saves you time, lowers utility bills and compliments your modern lifestyle—now that’s brilliant!