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The Power to Manager Your Household at Your Fingertips

Imagine sitting on your couch and being able to control your home theater with a push of a button, or having the ability to check if the front door is locked and the security system is armed from a web-enabled device from virtually anywhere in the world. You choose the components and features, and we provide a solution suited to your home, personal aesthetic and modern lifestyle.

RTI XP-8 Home Automation Controller

What is a Home Automation Controller?

Automation controllers allow users to:
• Turn electronics, appliances and other components on or off from anywhere at any time
• Program single-click settings for different times of day or for activities and events such as dinner time, entertaining friends or vacation
• Monitor systems and setting and view live video in real time to see what’s going on in and around your property
• Automate your home lighting, heating and air conditioning for optimal comfort and energy efficiency

Choosing the Best Home Automation Controllers

As a professional audio/video installation company in NYC with full service capabilities, we’ve performed countless home automation controller comparisons to ensure we only provide the easiest to use and most effective equipment. You’ll find the best home automation controllers on the market from leading brands such as Creston, URC/Universal Remote Control, RTI and others.
RTI Control Processors
Our smart automation systems are controllable by in-wall panel, mobile phone or tablet, and we also can design and install complete sub-system control solutions such as a one-touch pad or single home remote control. Systems can be configured for compatibility with your iOS or Android device for total home remote control from wherever you can access a cell phone signal or the Internet.

Best of all, our solutions are completely scalable to the size of your home, desired capabilities and budget. So you can start to enjoy cutting edge home remote control today no matter how big, small, simple or complex your needs.

The Difference Between Home Automation Controllers and Smartphone Remote Controls

While exploring the smart home automation market, you’ll find all sorts of wireless solutions for controlling everything from your thermostat and front door lock to your lighting or entertainment system. And while it’s fun to be able to manage one or more individual electronic components using an app on a smartphone or tablet, it doesn’t come close to the experience of having an automation controller or hub installed that’s the center of a completely integrated home control system.
RTI KX7 Controller
Components that connect wirelessly to smartphone apps typically only allow for basic and limited control of one device at a time. So you end up having to open and close multiple apps each instance you want to manage a different capability. On the other hand, a professionally installed system offers integrated control over your entire home from a single interface that allows for a more customized, user-friendly and efficient experience. While single-use apps are commonly only controllable using a cell phone, the automation systems we install are managed by your choice of a dedicated home remote controller, touch panel, wall-mounted keypad or whatever solutions best fits your needs.

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